There’s lots more …….

At last I have around 20 items now on The Etsy shop. Hooray!!!!

Thats sounds good you might say……..

……..But I have a room packed full of Vintage Haberdashery to be added to the Etsy Shop.

While it was reasonably easy to set up the Miss Gracie shop, what has taken the most time is taking good, clear photographs that show off the items in a good way. Then you have to list each item on Etsy with a clear description including the photographs.

I am getting better at it especially when I look back at the first items I listed, so, I think I will have to go back and revisit them.

In the meantime if there is anything you are looking for, then just leave a reply or visit the Etsy shop and send a message from there.

While getting the shop up and running, I have also started to develop some little embroidery kits which I should have online soon.  Have a look at the photos. Some feedback would be just great.

Thanks and visit again soon.

Miss Gracie



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